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We like food. And we are going to discuss food. Food is the way to our hearts.

Purpose of this community:

Foods you like/dislike
Restaurants you like/dislike
Foods you are craving
Foods you are eating
What you ate during the day
Post pictures of food, and you eating food
Discuss anything related to food, and over-eating!

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100 grand bars, all you can eat, andy capp's hot fries, apple cobbler, arbys, babies, bacon, bacon burgers, bagels, bar food, barbeque sauce, bean and cheese burritos, bear claws, brownies, buffalo wings, burger king, butter, cake, caramel apples, cereal, checkers, cheese fries, cheeseburgers, cheesecake, cheez-its, chef boyardee, chick fil a, chicken fingers, chicken strips, chili dogs, chilis, cici's pizza, coffee, compulsive eating, cookies, cool whip, corn dogs, cotton candy, country fried steak, cream cheese, cream of chicken soup, crisco, cupcakes, cushin' for the pushin', dairy queen, dennys, deserts, dining, donuts, easy cheese, eating, eating a lot, eggrolls, eggs, fajitas, fatty acids, fish sticks, food, food tv, french bread, french fries, french toast, fried chicken, fried dumplings, fruit snacks, funnel cake, getting fat, grilled chicken, gummi bears, gyros, happy and fat, hashed browns, ice cream, ihop, jello, junk food, kfc's mashed potatoes, krispy kreme, macaroni and cheese, manicotti, mayonaise, mcdonalds, milk shakes, miracle whip, mountain dew livewire, mozzerella sticks, muffins, munching, nachos, obesity, omelets, onion rings, pancakes, paprika, pastries, peanut butter and jelly, pepper, philly cheese steak, pie, pitas, pizza, popcorn, poptarts, potato chips, publix subs, quesadillas, ribs, rice pudding, salt, sandwiches, sausage, seasoned fries, smoked turkey legs, soy burgers, steak, steakhouses, strawberry cheesecake, string cheese, stuffed crust pizza, subway, sugar, sundaes, syrup, taco bell, the cracker barrel, thinking about food, tv dinners, wendys, white castle