Tsuyu (_tsuyu_) wrote in we_want_food,

new me!

I love food. I always eat, I just love it.

"Do you want to eat again????"
"Yes AGAIN, I am hungry"

My favorites: cheese, cheese, cheese, chocolat, fish
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I'm hungry just thinking about that much cheese. I gotta go. But welcome aboard.
cheese is my favorite part of life. lol i actually read somewhere that there is somethin in it that is actually addictive.
wow! that's awesome! you mind as well face it you're addicted to cheese, ladida!!

I come from a cheese country myself (Holland), and I study the language of the real cheese country (France)
Whats your favorite cheese?
asiago. or like extra sharp cheddar.
hm...asiago...never heard of it! I love gouda!